Meet the Choir

Della Rae Morrison - Musical Director


I'm a Bibbulmun woman from the South West of Western Australia.  

The members come with a thirst to learn and they’re learning in a gentle and safe environment, through music and harmonies and singing together with other people...with Aboriginal people. Madjitil Moorna obviously really are working towards reconciliation and closing the gap, to bring healing to our community. Our songs are very soothing, nurturing and healing. So when Aboriginal people hear our songs, they’re often very moved emotionally and a lot of people can begin the healing process. I’d like to see more Aboriginal people join the group and not be so shame, and just know that they’re welcome to come along into this beautiful environment and lovely atmosphere. Come along!

Jo Randell - Choir Co-founder

It’s extraordinary. From the outset, Della Rae (Morrison) and Jessie Lloyd said we need to encourage everybody to come and sing Aboriginal songs. That was their wisdom. Once people open their minds to Nyoongar language, then they open their mind and hearts to the people, to the way it was, the way it is, how things have changed, how contemporary Aboriginal culture is a living thing.

Kobi Morrison - Choir leader

I’m a Bibbulmun marmun.

Madjitil Moorna is where I have the majority of my good vibes that get me going through the week. I play the guitar for the choir. Being able to help them to achieve that perfect sound, when you get that sense of achievement, everybody is just so giddy afterwards. They feel a natural high. This has expanded into a whole lot more than just a choir. It’s also like a giant friend group, a giant family. It’s become just like an entourage that gets things done. I always hesitate to call it just a simple choir. Eventually it might just be like a way of life.